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Operations Shift Controller

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Operations Shift Controller

Date Posted: 19 October 2017

Contract Type: Full Time


Salary: £ 7.50 to £7.80

ARL Head office - Slough

Reports to: Operations Duty Manager – Immediate line Manager
Most senior Reports: General Manager

KPI – key Performance Indicators

    Smooth and efficient running of operations, requiring controller to mutli task jobs and work well under pressure Accurate recording of all information and report writing Ensure accurate hand over are completed Smart appearance and excellent communication skills Manpower planning for all shifts Preparing roster and working on time & monitor software


    Perform duties accordance with training, DfT regulations and local Operating procedures in a professional manner in order to prevent acts of unlawful interference Task and supervise all staff to make sure they carry out their duties Brief and monitor all staff and be able to cross utilize as and when required Ensure all equipment is available and maintained to a good standards Monitor, evaluate and motivate staff performance, ensure training needs identified Ensure deliverance of good customer service every day, Liaise with all staff and report direct to CSM Any other task as detailed by the Management team.


People Management – ability to lead and work as a part of a team and communicate effectively with staff and management

Persuasive Communication – To communicate with others and have them understand what is requires to carry out the tasks

Service Delivery – To ensure all our customers operational needs are meet

Planning & Organising – Excellent prioritisation skills to maintain and improve standards

Enthusiasm & Flexibility – Ability to motivate others and lead by example. To bounce back from setbacks and mistakes, being able to adjust to changes at the short notice