Wear wigs, according to remy hair extensions their own preferences, choose a cheap hair extensions variety of different forms of hair, such as youth, wave, freestyle. Wear wigs, we must always comb, comb the wig to light, to prevent the wig off, the best combed every day again. Wash the wig, the hair extensions first hair combed after the wash, while washing the side comb, can not hand rub, do not put all the headgear in the water, to clip in hair extensions prevent the wig mess. Wigs should not be washed, the general half months to January can be washed once.
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About us

We are dedicated to our vision of being able to provide the level of focused service required in all dynamic industries. Our strong and effective management team has over 100 years' experience in the service Industry. With our extensive knowledge base of service-oriented procedures and infrastructure we provide a service that enhances any organisation's ability to achieve their business objectives.

We know that our service reflects your image; therefore, we customise our delivery in order to provide you with services specific to your needs and critical timelines. We provide efficient and cost-effective solutions whilst maintaining a top quality of service utilising our comprehensively trained and highly experienced work force.

Our Vision

To be the preferred partner of choice in the provision of all operational service solutions

We believe we can raise "one step above" through

•    Leadership
•    Commitment
•    Innovation
•    Technology
•    Service Delivery
•    Value for Money

Our Values

Commitment - Is what transforms a promise into a reality - Decide, Commit and Succeed

Accountability - We accept full responsibility for our performance and quality

Continuous Improvement - Plan, Do, Check and Act

People - We recognise and invest in the development and training of our biggest asset, our people

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